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About us

Smart Cities Polska is a non-governmental think-and-do tank associating people and entities working for Polish Smart City solutions. We work with international organizations, cities and experts. We set development directions and lobby for them in government structures.

We participate in the Smart City working group at the Ministry of Digitization. Together, we have developed a report on the development of IoT in these smart cities. Our recommendations from the report are implemented in the form of projects implemented with the participation of government.

From 2016-2019, we conducted research to create a road map of the Polish smart city under the patronage of the Ministry of Digitization.

We are the author of the strategy and vision of creating an integral Polish smart city: “New Life in Cities, Polish model of transition to smart city 3.0“.

We developed the living-lab in Wroclaw “FutuClub”, in which solutions of the smart resident card with the competence management element were tested. We worked closely with the secondary schools to introduce the smart city concept in form of serious gaming “Future City” and debates.

In the Smart Cities Polska working group with scientists, experts and practitioners of smart city projects we set the framework and deadlines for work. We have prepared smart city definitions and a set of basic principles for new projects: Smart City Decalogue.

We work with a number of cities and smart city managers to develop City:One profiles: Wrocław, Gdynia, Lublin, Toruń, Łódź, and Warsaw.
We deliver City:One magazine and Smart Cities Polska Newsletter to trendsetters, business owners and decision makers.

We participate in international conferences:
– Smart Visegrad Day: Educating for smart cities and regions of 21st century Quantifying human capital – from education and games to task economy – Prague – December 2018

– V4 Meeting: Past and Future Overview of the progress in Smart Cities in Poland – Bratislava – May 5, 2019

– Information ecosystems in a smart cities. The international meeting of smart city think-tanks – Cambridge – June 3, 2019

In Poland: Smart City Forum, Smart Ecosystems, Impact;

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