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Prawo w biznesie nowych technologii


  • Talented & Smart Cities

    At a time of accelerated growth and ubiquity, connectivity technology like AI and quantum computing allow us to find ourselves anywhere quickly. The most important question to ask is therefore […]

  • New operating system for smart cities

    Have you ever thought about your city as a computer, and about institutions and administration as an OS operating system for it?

  • Smart City in Poznań III Urban Development Forum and OASC Workshops

    Get to know the smart city in Poznań! The 3rd Urban Development Forum is about to start. It will start this Wednesday, October 9, 2019 from workshops organized by Open […]

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Bądź krok w krok z rozwojem branży smart city w Polsce i pobierz kodeks 10-najważniejszych wartości w budowie udanych przedsięwzięć smart city!
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