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Prawo w biznesie nowych technologii


Our mission is to create the best quality of life for residents of Polish cities.

We develop and introduce solutions that give more time and energy.

We put man at the center of technologies and cities to serve their development and fulfillment.

What matters to us is responsibility for the sensitive elements of the city: the environment and nature.

Striving for organic and harmonious development, we create a platform for dialogue of all sides of the smart city ecosystem.

We support providers of smart city solutions by providing knowledge about the market and trends.

We create a worldwide network of knowledge transfer and technological solutions to achieve our goals.

Our values have been presented in the DECALOGUE.


We make it easier for local governments to transform Polish cities into the smart city model. We are developing the sector of companies cooperating synergistically to create a world-class smart city model with European characteristics.

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