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Prawo w biznesie nowych technologii

New Warsaw 19 District of the Future 2025-2050

Many say that it is not possible to build this project. We compare it to other district like project in the world and see that it’s one of the most attractive perspective of investments.

Mateusz Jarosiewicz talked about how to shape the future and build smart cities on the example of the government’s experience in Dubai. Presidential candidate Patryk Jaki presented an ambitious vision tailored to Great Warsaw, which he can afford and afford for the new Future District.

Let’s see what are the components of this bold vision:

➡️The largest Smart City area in Europe
➡️The most green district of Warsaw – a synthesis of modernity and nature
➡️ Inviting the most innovative Polish universities and companies from around the world
➡️The area of the lowest taxes for innovation in Europe

It’s time for a brave vision! It is about 800 ha of investment and Natura 2000 sites, which will now be better protected. The new district will be fully friendly and ecological, open to all Warsaw residents. The most modern solutions will be tested here, which, if they prove themselves, will be used throughout the city.

We create a new district will be located in the most modern startups that can count on low taxes and city support. The venture will be primarily focused on investments in harmony with nature.

# DistrictFuture will have functions like:
  • Recreation (swimming pools, mini aquapark)
  • Sports (volleyball, football fields)
  • Tourist (piers, boulevards)
  • Recreation (beaches, parks) – a mini water resort – for all Varsovians
  • Office (office buildings)
  • Service (shopping outlets)
  • Residential
  • Ecological (it’s important to show the nature area)
  • Cultural (amphitheater)

Distinctive features of the district:

  • Electronic traffic control (parking lots – London, green wave, garbage – Sicily)
  • The launch of modern water transport, water tram and taxi,
  • Public and individual communication (low-carbon and zero-emission)
  • Cheap electronic car sharing
  • A modern office
  • Autonomous buildings
Schedule of implementation

Stage 1: Creating a detailed implementation plan for the entire project, financing and legal changes – we have already begun this stage.

Stage 2: Launch of pilot 2018-2025 – presented on visualizations and photos of two areas

Stage 3: Implementation of the concept throughout the District of Future 2025-2050

Investment details

1. Municipal commercial premises in the zone will be free of charge for companies conducting R & D & I activity – throughout the entire period of activity;

2. Exemption from property tax for companies conducting R & D & I activity – throughout the period of activity;

3. Land-rent competitive on the EU scale for R & D & I.

4. Establishment of a regional guarantee fund for enterprises operating in the District for R & D & I.

5. The City of Warsaw will create a low-interest District Loan Fund for R & D & I.

6. The City of Warsaw will create a venture capital fund (VC and CVC) for a capital supply of startups implementing R & D & I projects.

The city will not only play the role of a traditional investor but above all it will stimulate the development of:

• create a CVC fund for startups,

• will acquire partners, investors, and co-financing

  • We will act as the “Business Angel

The basis of the whole project is financing from various sources, with the least possible involvement of the city’s financial resources and as many partners as possible. The funds from the city budget are only to be used to obtain the minimally required own contribution. Above all, our task will be to attract capital and investors.

It is the Varsovians themselves who will be able to create this project, correct it, submit new ideas and comments. This is the magic of Warsaw.

– The district will be open to all innovations in the open innovation formula,

#DistrictOfTheFuture will be the source of the most modern technological solutions for the city. In 2050, it will be almost energetically self-sufficient, and energy will come from renewable sources. Its buildings will be zero-emission and non-intrusive to the natural environment. Public transport will be the most innovative methods available in the world.

In addition, it is to be a place of rest for the residents of Warsaw and a tourist attraction on a global scale. Its ideal location in the heart of Europe will be used in this way.

We will take some patterns from the best, but we will approach it in a different, unique way to become a leader. We set a much larger area than in a similar test project in Toronto Sidewalk Labs, in which an area was created to create a special smart district.

Advantages for all Warsaw citizens:

  • integration of the left and right sides of the Vistula
  • a modern resort on the Vistula for everyone
  • repeated strengthening of Warsaw’s economy – more funds for needed investments (eg sewage system throughout Warsaw)
  • new green lungs of the city – (there must be more greenery there than now)
  • Warsaw’s distinction in the world
  • Warsaw will become the leader of innovation in Europe

If you are an expert who wants to take part in this journey please tell me whats your background and the role in Smart City space and how we can cooperate.

Download the Decalogue in PDF
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