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Smart Cities Polska
Prawo w biznesie nowych technologii


  • Blockchain Smart Cities

    How do smart cities implement Blockchain technology? At the Blockchain Alliance meeting, I had the pleasure to talk about how the decentralized application ecosystem can use smart city to develop a […]

  • New Warsaw 19 District of the Future 2025-2050

    Many say that it is not possible to build this project. We compare it to other district like project in the world and see that it’s one of the most […]

  • New Digital Roads

    Smart Cities Polska focuses on the New Silk Road and the Middle East. This week Mateusz Jarosiewicz met at the highest level of IT and political diplomacy with the Ambassador of […]

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Bądź krok w krok z rozwojem branży smart city w Polsce i pobierz kodeks 10-najważniejszych wartości w budowie udanych przedsięwzięć smart city!
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