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Prawo w biznesie nowych technologii

Premiere of the IoT Report – smart cities

During the conference “Internet of Things – Polish Future”  organized by the  Ministry of Digitization the report “IoT in the Polish economy” was presented . It was prepared by members of the Working Group on the Internet of Things, which was established at the Ministry of Digitization in August 2018.

The over 100-page report contains a description of the current legal status and business environment of the IoT industry, as well as a number of recommendations. The document indicates the sectors in which the use of IoT technology can bring measurable benefits.

In the work of the Group participated, among others entrepreneurs, representatives of industry chambers of commerce, scientific communities, unions and associations of employers and social organizations. 

Smart Cities Polska was represented at the meeting by Mateusz Jarosiewicz.

–  Our report wants to show the potential of the Internet of Things, especially from a business point of view. But that’s not all – we also describe in it the limitations and obstacles that you have to deal with in such projects. Poland wants to join the global development trend, so it is worth analyzing and then removing potential obstacles on this path  – said Dr.  Maciej Kawecki , director of the MC Data Management Department.

80 experts worked on the report. They proposed 56 changes in law and 23 projects related to the IoT industry.

The report indicates the following problems and obstacles related to the implementation of IoT in Poland:

  • Lack of specialized and specialized education – currently only single universities offer IoT specializations, which may translate into the inability to meet the growing demand for qualified staff in this field.
  • No orders for IoT solutions from large State Treasury companies – a problem with the scale of solutions on the domestic market by Polish manufacturers of IoT systems.
  • Lack of records of innovative and implemented prototype solutions – information asymmetry, limiting the exchange of knowledge between market participants.
  • Imprecise legal framework for IoT – IoT issues scattered among many pieces of legislation without consistency.
  • Current applications (mainly in the logistics and property protection sector) limited to M2M ( Machine to Machine ) solutions – this may hinder the development of Polish IoT solutions for the consumer market.
  • Applicable provisions regarding collection, storage, use of data and sharing limiting the development of IoT in Poland. Intellectual property issues are one of the most important legal challenges related to data. As the IoT infrastructure is based on the cloud computing model and the Big Data concept, similar challenges will come rapidly

The industry recommendations of the IoT Group included in the report:

  • Improving the coordination of government agencies in the context of IoT.
  • Creation and launch of a funding program for pilot and reference implementations for innovative IoT solutions with high internationalization potential, enabling the reduction of innovation risk.
  • Regulating the possibility of exchanging or commercializing information obtained on the basis of IoT, to the extent that it does not violate the basic principles of personal data protection, sectoral or professional secrets.
  • Promotion of good practices and precursor solutions, e.g. in the form of competitions organized by the government to distinguish reference IoT companies.
  • Creation of programs supporting public units at the central level (financing, support in technology selection and implementation).
  • Increasing the transparency of supervisory bodies’ activities, including – in cases where a given issue lies within the competence of several of them – issuing common, unambiguous explanations resulting from public consultations and arrangements between authorities.
  • Introduction of tax breaks for using IoT solutions

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Download the Decalogue in PDF
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