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Prawo w biznesie nowych technologii

Will smart cities 4.0 be green?

On September 18-19, 2019, another 10-edition Smart City Forum took place at the Arche Krakowska Hotel in Warsaw. It is the largest cyclical meeting of local governments, companies and experts. This year, a special accent was environmental protection as a step towards smart city 4.0

Green smart cities, presentation by Monika Mizińska-Chmielewska, Innovation Market Expert and Smart City, Media Trend

The President of the City of Przemyśl Wojciech Bakun with dr. Artur Dembny, President of the Management Board of CRK Energia Sp. z o. o. – energy cluster coordinator for Ostrowski Rynek Energetyczny, Katarzyna Kierzek-Koperska, Deputy Mayor of the City of Poznań for Environmental Protection, Economic Activity and International Cooperation, Artur Pielech, President of the Management Board of FBSerwis SA, Tomasz Pomorski, President of the Management Board of OmniChip from Atende Group and Artur Tusiński , The Mayor of the City of Podkowa Leśna talked about the environment and urban space, pollution control, waste management and the emphasis on strategies supporting the natural environment of smart cities, as well as the role of new technologies to protect the environment

The talks also focused on: pollution monitoring and water resource management (rainwater recovery, remote water reading systems, integrated watering control systems in public spaces), waste management supporting technologies (smart bins etc.), rational use of waste in the context of combined heat and power plants high calorie waste. The moderator of the meeting was the Innovation Market Expert and Smart City, Media Trend – dr Monika Mizielińska-Chmielewska.

An important and most valuable element of this format, which is the smart city forum, is the Round Tables formula. In intimate teams, parallel issues were discussed that were a challenge for modern cities and their leaders. The funding table was run by Joanna Budzińska-Lobnig, Director of the Local Government Investment Department, Polish Development Fund (PFR).

The problem we discussed at Table 4 was waste management. The host of this table was Filip Piotrowski, Vice President of the Board, Polish Zero-Waste Association. 
How to convince residents to be responsible for sorting garbage?
Workshop on city management based on data was led by Szymon Ciupa Smart City and GIS Expert

Many conversations concerned the direction chosen by the Smart Cities Polska association for the coming years. 
Promoting an ecological and responsible approach to smart city can have a significant impact on the development of this sphere in the coming years.

With the substantive patron of the event, Deputy Mayor of the Ursynów District in Warsaw Bartłomiej Dominiak (on the left)
The forum was divided into several areas, including it was possible to renew and make new contacts as well as become familiar with specific financial and technological solutions

During the conference, companies such as PFR, wpip,, Atende and LUG were very active. The media patron was: smartcity expert, and the substantive patronage of SMART CITY BLOG. At the press stand, you could read the latest issue of City: One.

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